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You can Download the Books After Payment in 2 ways. First, After Payment you will be automatically Redirected to the MY Account page. You Just Have to Hover to Order Section ad From Their You can Download Your Book. Second way, After payment within 30 second You will get the Email with Download link. You can also Download from There

If you buy the Ebook than you can read it from any PDF Reader software from any device. If you purchased Audio Book than You can listen that book from Any media player.

For Indian Customers There is Option for Payumoney Gateway. From that gateway you can opt for any mode of payment method like Debit/credit card wallets like Paytm or Ola Money Or Any UPI App. Indian customer can also use Paypal.

For International customers Best option is Paypal.

We upload the books for Download After Though testing and checking if there is any problem in book or not. If we find any problem than we don’t upload the book. So, once sold can’t be refunded.